Apostles atop the arms of the Vatican walls

St. Clement of Rome

Clement was a citizen of Rome. Little is known of his life, but according to tradition, he was ordained a priest by St. Peter himself and was a leading member of the Church. Elected Bishop of Rome, the third Pope after Peter, Clement held office from 88 to his death in 99.

As Pope, St. Clement wrote a famous letter to the Church at Corinth. It’s one of the oldest Christian documents outside the New Testament. This famous letter was written to settle a serious dispute in the Corinthian community.

Clement was imprisoned for the faith under the Emperor Trajan. Some sources say he was consigned to hard labour in the salt mines. During this time he ministered among his fellow prisoners. Eventually he was executed by being tied to an anchor and thrown into the sea. Thus his symbol is the anchor and he is a patron of mariners. His feast day is November 23rd in the Roman calendar.