Front Entrance to St. Clement Church - Doors are Open, Altar is Visible, Doors are flanked by Statues of Angels

St. Clement Parish - The Beginnings

September 21, 1967 - His Grace Philip Pocock, Archbishop of Toronto, formally established St. Clement Parish. He appointed Father Frank Voorwerk as founding pastor. Sunday Masses were first celebrated in St. Clement Catholic School and later moved to Bloordale Senior Public School. Weekday Masses were celebrated in the Parish Rectory at 10 Sapling Court.

December 1967 - A Financial Campaign was initiated to raise money for a new church.

February 25, 1968 - A Building Committee was established. Generous parishioner donations were helped along by a bequest of $250,000, gratefully received from the estate of Mr. John Bolland.

May 26, 1968 - By the grace of God, the last piece of available land in Markland Wood was purchased at the corner of Markland Drive East and Bloor Street. Mr. Frank Brennan was appointed architect for the future church.

Spring 1970 - Construction began.

October 4, 1970 - Father Frank Voorwerk celebrated the first Mass in the new Church.

April 25, 1971 - And finally, St. Clement Church was solemnly blessed by His Grace Archbishop Philip Pocock.




Father Frank Voorwerk

1967 – 1979


Father John Bouvier

1979 – 1990


Father Thomas Melady

1990 – 1997


Father Nino Cavoto

1997 – 2005


Monsignor John Murphy

2005 - 2006


Father Francis Carpinelli


2006 - 2007


Monsignor Paul Zimmer C.H.H.

2007 - present