Broken Pavement in Parking Lot

Parking Project Donation Information


Broken Pavement


This is a major infrastructure project.
The estimated cost for the parish is $160,000.

We have $60,000 in our reserve account.
We need to raise $100,000.

A generous parishioner has pledged $5,000 to kick-start the project.
Msgr. Zimmer has matched his gift.
Anyone out there willing to join the club?


Sunday, July 10th is Parking Lot Sunday
Together we can work miracles!
Envelopes are available at the doors of the church.


Write a Cheque
(St. Clement Parish – Parking Lot Project)


Donate Online Via Our Parish Website

Some pictures of our Parking Lot

Lot - Picture 13

Lot - Picture 14

Lot - Picture 15

Lot - Picture 16

Lot - Picture 17


Lot - Picture 18

Lot - Picture 19

Lot - Picture 20


Lot - Picture 21

Lot - Picture 22

Lot - Picture 23